Last night I left work and walked to the Barnes & Noble a few blocks away. Hovering above me, the Empire State Building was glowing a warm candy-apple red. Snow crunched beneath my boots, the top sheet of ice cracking and giving way like the top layer of creme brulee as I suddenly sank into the softness with every step. I found my way to the cafe section and sipped on something warm as I filled out his Valentine’s Day card. I felt so content and happy.

He found his way from home to me an hour later, sneaking up on me with a soft kiss on my neck. We braved the storm together, snow blasting all around us as he hailed us a cab. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear in the back seat. We met up with friends and associates at the New York City Center, where an evening watching a ballet troupe perform Flamenco was enjoyed by all.

We snuck out during the third standing ovation, up to here with them, and snuggled on the R the entire way home. We got off one stop early… on Steinway… and walked through piles of snow and ice towards the little Moroccan restaurant and lounge a couple of blocks away. It was dark and glowing in romantic candlelight, and we sipped on hot mint tea and devoured a beautiful lamb tagine and a couscous platter.

On the way home, the wind and icy rain nearly blew us over. As I sang “Pineapple Princess” loudly into the wind, he ducked into a little shop open late. I turned around, confused, not knowing where he went off to. He emerged a moment later with a beautiful bouquet of fresh crimson roses and a gorgeous smile. I showered him with kisses in the snowstorm, as we rushed the final block home.

Our first Valentine’s Day in New York, in our cozy beautiful rowhouse, only one stop after Steinway.