The Film Forum (209 West Houston St., NY, NY) is playing “B Musicals” from March 30th through April 19th. Each $10.50 ticket gets you either a double-feature, or a triple-feature of flicks. Depends on the night, and on the flicks. That’s right… two or three B-musicals for the price of one. All vintage, all the time.

The earliest one was filmed in 1929, entitled “Song of Love”: “Father-Mother-Son vaudeville team break up when Mom, played by legendary Belle Baker in her only movie appearance, decides to retire for son Ralph Graves’ sake – and that’s when flirtatious Mazie (Eve Arden in her debut, billed as Eunice Quedens, her real name) moves in. Once thought lost, but rediscovered in 2001. ”

The latest one was filmed in 1954, entitled “Athena”: “Bodybuilding, health food, yoga – hey, this is the 50’s! – as singer Vic Damone and stuffy lawyer Edmund Purdom react to eccentric grandpa Louis Calhern and his equally far-out but CUTE daughters, Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds. Songs by Meet Me in St. Louis’ Martin and Blane.”

Most of the films were created in the 40’s, but the 30s and 50s get their fair share. Great titles such as “Moonlight & Pretzels”, “Sweet & Low-Down”, “The Bamboo Blonde”, and Sweater Girl” entice everyone to come out from miles around. Last night was the showing of “Crazy House” (1943, and a Quentin Tarantino favorite), “Hips Hips Hooray!” (1934), and “Start Cheering!” (1938). We got there a bit late, and caught “Start Cheering”: “Fed up with Hollywood, movie star Charles Starrett enrolls in college, but can’t match his screen exploits on the football field. With Broderick Crawford, Jimmy Durante, Louis Prima, AND the Three Stooges!”

 Yah. It was GOOD. 🙂

Dinner beforehand was Ethiopian, followed by a long walk together through the city. Fabulous.