The Bubble Lounge ( ) is fabulous. Nic and Joe were generous enough to introduce us to it, and Joe was even supergenerous enough to treat us all as Nic and I celebrated our birthdays! Hers was on April 6th and mine was on April 3rd, so on April 5th we headed in for some drinky-poos. Its a great place, and even the tapas there is divine. I love the romantic lighting, the sexy golden retro wallpaper that is very 60’s/70’s chic, the artwork, and of course, the drinks. It feels like being in a romantic cave of sophisticated sexyness and bubbly. However, I do have only one tiny complaint:

 What?!?!? No caviar?!?!?!

Regardless of that, c’est tres magnifique. Try the panini made of brie, duck, and fig. SHAZZZZAAAAMMMM.

I am almost finished with my portrait of S and I as sideshow freaks. It’s cute, and not bad for a first try at it. I know I will only get better. There’s a certain unique look to sideshow art that I haven’t QUITE mastered yet, but I think I’m getting there. A few more and I will definately have it.

Sushi is having a love affair with one of our radiators. It’s not even that cold anymore, but she bonded with it back when it was very snowy out. I guess she doesn’t want to end it now. I understand. We find her snuggling it, purring loudly as she rests on her back and hugs it with her front paws, rubbing her face tenderly all over it. She rolls back and forth on her back, mewing as she purrs, which has a truly bizzare sound to it. She gazes at this radiator with such adoration, for what seems like hours, until suddenly bolting straight up into the air and galloping away in zig-zags that make absolutely no sense.

In other words, life here is pretty good. 🙂