5 short minutes away from  freak-show and burlesque-fuled Coney Island is the infamous L&B Spumoni Gardens.


Thriving since it opened in 1939, it is truly a NY institution. This place is MARVELOUS. It reminds me of Jackson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Hollywood Florida, but times 100. The place gets absolutely PACKED, and the wait for an indoor sit-down table at the restaurant was about an hour. Being cold out, we all opted for the popular food window outside. Here you could get their super famous pizza, among some other tasty treats. Everyone raved to me about their Sicilian pie, and looking around I saw lots of people at the outdoor tables devouring it. The pizzas were so hot in the cool air, that steam was fogging up everybody’s glasses as they all hovered around the opened boxes for warmth. We ordered a half a pie for $18, enough for each of us to have three hearty pieces (12 large rectangles in all). This was absolute HEAVEN. Without a doubt the best pizza of my life. I almost wept. Seriously. This was INSANITY. The crust! The sauce! The crust! The sauce! The crust! The sauce! I wanted to scream, it was so good. Ive never tasted pizza like it, and Ive had GREAT pizza.

Once we finished up our slices, (I could only fit two, but the third piece heated up nicely the next day at home!) we had their homemade spumoni. I opted for the rainbow flavor, which had chocolate, pistachio, and a creamy vanilla. This was also insanely amazing. I don’t even think I had ever had spumoni before, and I thought it would be a lot like ice cream or sherbert. Wrong, and wrong. This tasted more like the inside of a cannolli, but icy and cold. Very eggy and almondy-tasting. The pistachio was my favorite.

I enjoyed the people-watching too! There were so many people there, all with their thick Brooklyn accents, talking about how their parents and grandparents used to come here as kids.

I believe it.

I thought that the Spumoni Gardens was truly a fabulous example of great Italian kitsch. Hip Hip Hooray for the L&B!!!!